The Story & The Journey.

Read about the inspiration, the trials, and the process it took to create the brand you're familiar with today.


The team you need

Andrew Headshot Photo

Adrianna Steggall

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Andrew Trujillo


The Story (so far)


  • April: Andrew accepts a position as a District Manager

    At this time he had decided to learn as much as he could about managing restaurants, teams, leaders, profits, and more. He hoped to one day embark on a new journey of being his own boss again.

  • December: Andrew resigns from his position

    In the 8 months as a District Manager, Andrew spent a lot of time observing what makes a restuarant successful. He found that success is largely tied into the leadership and structure of each specific restaurant. So armed with his new skills he resigned from the company to pursue his own dreams.

  • December: Andrew starts learning how to code

    Fascinated by technology, Andrew found himself in need of a path for his new venture. Always intrigued by technology, he found an immediate interest in web development, he had spent time in his youth developing websites using CMS tools but never truly pursued it.

  • December: Andrew recruits some partners

    All things in life are challenging but they can be made easier with a friend, or in this case two. Andrew met and discussed his proposition with his Brother, Tyson Kitts and his long time friend, Adrianna Steggall.

Post Launch

  • January 2022: The setup begins

    With both Adrianna and Tyson on board with this venture, it was time to begin forming the general partnership. Papers filed, website prepared, bank accounts opened, etc.

  • February 2022: The Grand Opening

    Thrilled at this prospect, we open in February with no physical location. Just one laptop and a dream.

  • March 2022: The first client

    The first month was slow, no sales, just bills. We continued to build our skills and market ourselves, even purchasing an ad spot in Starvin Arvin's for exposure. Then the first client came, a photography session scheduled for April.

  • February 2023: Year 1 in the bag

    Our first year is in the bag! We have made an imprint into our community and developed relations with local business's even helping a graduating Senior along the way!

  • March 2023: A loss

    At the conclusion of quarter one, Tyson, a founding partner, as stepped away from the company. This is a major blow but his mark will be forever imprinted amongst our organization.

  • The story goes on

    From here who knows where we go, we are continuing to build upon our skills. We are marketing like crazy to get the word out, and we're satisfying our clients. The rest remains unwritten for today.


We're passionate because it's our dream

Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself, "I'm so tired of going to this deadend job where I am overworked and berated for minimum pay?" Well maybe not like that but we have. Our founder, Andrew, couldn't stand working himself into the ground day after day for a company that would replace him if he didn't show up. Now, with our own brand, we can bring the same work ethic but this time for a much better payoff.

The point we are making is that we're driven, motivated, educated, and ready to follow our dream. YOU are a part of that dream. If we didn't have loyal and loving clients such as yourself, we couldn't do this. So it is with great honor that we take care of your next project with the upmost care and passion.

You don't have to take our word for it


Debby Locke

Great company to work with! Computer expert took care to research, find, merge correct programs/ apps to connect Etsy webpage and square accounts. Graciously updated my website that I couldn’t get working for a couple years. Freed up my time so I could concentrate on my art rather than spinning my wheels trying to keep track of inventory over several sites. Highly recommend Andrew for all your computer needs. He was great at learning new programs to improve my sites!


Yemisirach Weber

Me and my boyfriend had our pictures taken by Adrianna, they came out amazing. Such a positive experience. She helped us with the poses and even traveled to Mesa to take the pictures. Will definitely be coming back for more pictures!


Hailey Tuller

Adrianna is an amazing photographer and person! She made me feel super comfortable and does a fantastic job, her editing skills are 10/10. My senior pictures are very beautiful and she was so helpful with picking out a perfect location. Thank you so much Adrianna


Connie Aguilar

Andrew with Trujillo Media crated and developed our business website from the ground up and he has been such a pleasure to work with. He made our dream website come to life and we couldn't be happier with the final look. He has attention to detail, quick to respond, professional in all things tech and it has been suh a breeze working with him! He is flexible in his schedule and if you want somethin done quick he will make it happen within a timely manner. Thank you, Andrew for helping Sweet & Simple Cupcakery, we appreciate everything you have done for us! We lookin forward to continuiing our business relationship with you!