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Where we Embrace Humble Beginnings, Embody an Authentic Spirit, and Embrace the Unique Qualities that Propel Us Forward in the Vast Digital Landscape.

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Empowerment, Growth, Education

As a Business, Our Commitment Extends Beyond Mere Operations—We Strive to Be an Integral Pillar of Our Community. Discover what sets us apart from other companies.

Putting Sales Second: Prioritizing What Truly Matters

As a small business in a thriving community, we're dedicated to empowering fellow entrepreneurs. We believe in transparency and understand the challenges you face. Don't let the digital world hold you back—let us help you embrace its endless possibilities.

Community Unity: Empowering Collaboration for Success

Our mission is to empower small business owners and equip them with the tools to thrive against corporate competition. We understand the challenges you face and are here to help create a strong business image that withstands any obstacle. Let's harness your strengths and build a resilient foundation for your business to flourish and succeed.

Trujillo Media: Where professionalism meets hospitality.

Exceptional services delivered with meticulous attention to detail and a warm, welcoming approach. A team of experts dedicated to exceeding client expectations, providing personalized solutions and a remarkable experience. Partner with us for outstanding results and a hospitable touch.


Dedicated, Passionate, Driven

Unleash Your Brand's Potential with Trujillo Media, Grand Junction's Newest Digital Marketing & Photography Experts. Elevate Your Experience with Unmatched Professionalism and Innovation.


Andrew Trujillo

Owner | Developer

Andrew, a native of Colorado, brings a decade of experience in the digital realm. His expertise spans website development, social media management, organizational strategies, and beyond.


Adrianna Steggall

Owner | Photographer

Adrianna, a Colorado native, has dedicated over a decade to honing her skills in photography through diligent self-teaching and fostering her independence. As a proud Latina business owner, she stands tall within a thriving community, embodying professionalism and a commitment to excellence.


Tyson Kitts

Founder | Former Partner

Tyson's life journey has been focused on finding his true purpose. In 2021, he joined forces with Andrew and Adrianna to establish Trujillo Media. Although he has since transitioned from the company, his invaluable contributions in building the foundation remain eternally appreciated and acknowledged.


Cassie Jo Twiggs

Office Manager

Cassie Jo Twiggs, commonly known as CJ, holds a degree in psychology from Colorado Mesa University. As the spouse of Andrew, CJ initially played a supporting role in the brand's early stages. However, her involvement has grown significantly over time as she actively contributes to the realization of Adrianna and Andrew's vision for the brand.