Meet the Developer Andrew


Andrew Trujillo


I have always been quiet in my demeanor yet unwaivering in my desire to lead myself and others into success. I started building websites when I was 16 years old, I was creating "clan" websites for my friends and myself for our video game communities. I would often structure and design these organizations known as "clans" just because I loved to do it. I particuarly enjoyed building the websites and creating the content, I didn't recognize it then but it was clear that this was my passion.

Today I no longer build websites with Content Management Systems such as wordpress. I use a set of programming skills known as a "stack". My stack as a developer includes HTML5, CSS 3, Javascript, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap 5, and Jquery. In additional to my stack I have studied in the following subjects to help educate and grow my clients: Social Media Management, UX/UI (user experience & user interface), small business marketing, color & design theory, and internet security.

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