The Inspiration

Andrew Trujillo • September 1st, 2022

I have always found interest in leading people to success but more importantly in the wonders of technology. I believe that even at a young age I knew I would do my own thing in this world, ambition has never been a stranger to me. Before we get into that however, lets take a step back to when I first felt my desire to lead and ambition. The year was 2005, we had just become homeless for the first time in my life, this meant scarcity in food, resources, and most importantly, security.

I was ten years old in 2005, just a boy. I had spent most of my life up to that point believing everything I heard, dealing with bullies in school, being scared of girls, and most importantly living life like a child should. My mother, a remarkable woman, had me at a young age, unfortunately that doesn't usually translate well for the first child but it definitely can. I wasn't so lucky, she dealt with many hardships in her early life, now at sixteen years old she was pregnant with her first kid. If we're being fair here... the odds were stacked against her from the beginning. She had a sudden divorce in 2004 which lead to us moving from Michigan to Arizona where our grandmother was living. On top of everything else that had happened up to that point, I believe this was a major breaking point in my mothers psyche. She began abusing aclohol and hard drugs sometime after for what I can only assume was to numb the pain in her heart. Sometime in 2005 my mother collected my sibilings and I from my grandmothers to embark upon a journey that would forevery change who I was meant to be.

I'll spare you the nitty gritty of that story, its purpose was to establish some context. At this point we're living in place to place, never staying more than a few months at a time. We being my younger sibilings, my mother, and the man she was currently dating. We squatted in houses throughout Phoenix, lived in rundown motels, even for a brief period had the luxury of staying in a gated apartment complex. To this day I never understood how they managed to pull that one off but they did. It was during this time that I became very aware of the reality of the world, it was sometime during all of this that I decided I couldn't live like that forever. I began taking it upon myself to help my sibilings acquire food, rummaged through dumpsters looking for toys, comics, clothes, etc. This went on for a few years on and off. In the end I was left with a distaste for myself, a desire to commit suicide, ptsd, anxiety, and an unhealthy desire to be a leader once more.

Lets move quickly now and find ourselves in the year 2009. I had passionately taken up gaming, this was at a time when Call of Duty was still peak multiplayer. I joined what was known as a 'clan' and this clan helped me feeling like I was apart of something bigger than myself for the first time since 2005. I would go on to form a few different clans in my early and mid teen years. The most successful being known as Corrupt Theives Gaming or CTG. CTG was my baby, I learned video editing, I learned YouTube content creation, I learned how to use Adobe After Effects because of this clan but more relevantly I learned how to build my first website for this clan. The very first website I created was using a free CMS (content management system). I spent weeks perfecting this website, I was absolutely hooked. This is where my love for technology really rose to power. After CTG fell, I was left hollow once more, nothing to build, nobody to lead, just an empty shell, I know this isn't totally true but it is how I felt at the time.

The next project I had traction on was the first company I opened in 2016. The 14th Training and Defense. This was my new baby, I had worked with firearms all of my life and I was determined to never be a victim again. It was this belief that made me want to open a business in that industry. I wanted more than anything to help people not be victims of this cruel world. I spent a few years on The 14th but ultimately there just wasn't a market for it and I never made enough tangible money to continue the endeavor. It was at the end of The 14th's life span when I was introduced to a pizza company. It was at this pizza company that I decided to pursue management so that the next time I had an opportunity to open a business, I could go in with actual leadership knowledge. I spent three years with the company before leaving in December of 2021. It was in that same month I decided I was ready to resume building websites only this time I didn't want to rely on a CMS, I wanted to learn to code. The rest of the story, well you're witnessing it come to life. I started this new branad with my good friend Adrianna steggall and my brother Tyson Kitts. Together we're going to take on this industry. We're gonna make a name for ourselves the way i've always wanted for the past 17 years.